Summer Olympics 2021 Betting

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Due to the corona pandemic, we are expecting a sports packed summer this year! All the betting you had to miss out last year, you can make up for this time around. Or at least, that is what we hope! You can always be a pessimist and bet on the Summer Olympics 2021 not to happen. Not the route we want to take! It is a bit too early to talk about the potential medal winners in each specific sport, but we can take a look at the countries and their medals. In other words: which country will get the most (gold) medals at the Summer Olympics 2021? That is worth betting on!

Lets go over their chances individually shall we!

Summer Olympics 2021 medal betting

There are various ways we can analyze the odds for the different countries participating in the Olympics. We can look at historical statistics, we can look at the current form of the athletes and we can look at the prognosis from experts. The problem at the latter two though is that due to the sports poverty of 2020, we can’t say for sure what the form of the athletes is. Most, or at least many, of them have seen little tournament play this year. It makes this year’s edition even more interesting, since odds will probably be all over the place.


It should be to no one’s surprise that the USA is top favourite for the overall medals at the Olympics in Tokyo. They have basically been reigning supreme ever since 1996. Only in Beijing in 2008, they had to leave the most gold medals to their host. Note that this supremacy is only in the Summer Olympics. In the winter, they were the only top dog in 1932. Sports where America excels most: Athletics, Swimming, Shooting, Boxing, Diving, Rowing, Basketball and Tennis. It is also worth placing a bet on their women’s football team!


With Russia being banned from this edition of the summer Olympics, China is the most important challenger to the US dominance. And there are reasons to assume that they have a good chance in succeeding this time. The corona crisis, although started in China, has had far less implications than in the western world. There is a continuity of training, tournaments and exercising that most of the European countries and the USA have been struggling with. This will do something with the form of their athletes.

Even though China dissapointed a bit in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, the previous tournaments showed that they are attacking the world stage. In 1984, China went home with 32 medals. In 2000 this number grew to 58 and in 2008 they rounded out to 100 medals. Their medals reflect their economic growth, and vica versa. Table tennis and badminton are the sports that China traditionally excels in.


Summer olympics 2021 will be an excellent chance for Great Britain to showcase their new potential after Brexit. The once great empire of Britain has probably the richest sports tradition in the world and it shows in their Olympic results. Due to sheer numbers of population, Britain is getting outclassed by the vast nations of this world. But maybe, just maybe the new independence will ignite the spark of lost greatness and Britain will again rule the world. This time the sports world though.

It is promising to become a hot summer for sports betting. We advise you to start reading on what is going on in your favourite sport and come prepared. We will have some great Olympic 2021 Betting Bonuses for you in store!